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We provide awesome Integrations


Keep your clients or field force updated on their status without them having to go online.


Create intuitive user journeys that lead to sales.


Don’t let those queries go unanswered, have a personalised chatbot on your landing page.


Get your custom slack bot with amazing integration across different platforms.


Increase your community reach with your personalised Telegram chatbots


Automate repeatative tasks with the help of our Gmail chatbots.
Power your strategies.

An Opportunity Your Business Should Not Let Go

Chatbots change the way organisations interact with their consumers on the internet. Our intelligent Chatbots interact with your consumers across platforms and channel your communications for you.

Got Any Questions?

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information. For any further queries please get in touch by clicking the button below.
  • How do I know if bots are right for me?
    If you have customers, bots are right for you. A common misconception is that bots are only useful if you meet certain criteria or have certain scenarios. In reality, all businesses can benefit from bots, no matter the size.The better question is: Which type of bot is best for you?
  • What can I expect from a chatbot?
    A chatbot can be your online representative and engage your target audience by providing 24/7 service, quick response and shorter queues, gathering client information and answering frequently asked questions.
  • What are some key bot features?
    1) Smart routing: Intelligent bots can be used to direct your customers in the right direction, it could be as simple as redirecting to a different page on your website or linking them to an appropriate resource or live agent. 2) Small talk: Just because it’s a ‘bot’ doesn’t mean it has to be robotic. Customers enjoy having a little fun with a chatbot and your bot should be able to play ball. 3) Integrations: Our chatbots are capable of integrating into different platforms and services which allow you to benefit and be notified from every conversation.
  • What will my User Journey and responses be?
    All you need to do is explain your use case to us. Our team of experienced UX designers will handle all your user journeys. We strive to provide end to end solutions to all our clients, so you can concentrate on what really matters to your business.

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