Digital Solutions

We have the tools to take over and present you with solutions that are guaranteed to bring you the outcome you wish for.


Chatbots change the way organisations interact with their consumers on the internet. Our intelligent Chatbots interact with your consumers across platforms and channel your communications for you.


 We’re open to consultations and love to offer our two cents on topics that concern the work we do. Let’s connect over a call, coffee or card game, whatever works for you and hash out ideas to take your business to the next level.

Secondary Sales Extraction

Awareness of movement and inventory of stocks at the distributor level can help organisations plan their primary demand better and forecast their sales. Our solution solves this perennial challenge of getting visibility of secondary sales.


We offer a list of services that include (but not limited to)


Nodejs & Golang


Vuejs, HTML, CSS & Vanilla JS


Mongo, MySQL, Neo4j, Redis, RethinkDB & InfluxDB

Cloud Technologies

AWS, Azure, GCP, DO, Docker, Kubernetes, AMP & Kafka


Mocha, Chai & Jest

Project Management and Documentation

Postman, Confluence & Jira

Why Us


We’ve got your back no matter what needs to be done.


We believe in eliminating the feeling of outsourcing.

Subject-Matter Experts

We have spent hours perfecting our knowledge to get to where we are today.

Adhere to Deadlines

We understand the art of doing things in a stipulated time frame.

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